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Before you move, you want to be prepared on all fronts. Taking care of all your lists and paperwork may be time-consuming and tedious on its own, but packing is probably the most crucial stage of moving preparations. You don’t want to screw this up, to put it bluntly. A properly packed household can be moved with near zero effort. So here’s a couple of things you should consider when packing your things to make the move easier on your nerves. The first important decision you have to make is how much you’re going to pack yourself. Doing all of it on your own is certainly a viable option, as it will help you save a great amount of money, even if you do pay your removal company for your truck. However, keep in mind that packing everything in a house is a tremendous undertaking. When performing your on-site estimate, your mover will answer your questions, so make sure to ask how much lower the price would be if you were to perform certain parts of your packing yourself.


So let’s say you decide to pack everything by yourself. Every item in your house, all of them, must be packed in a safe and secure way. When the loading van arrives, everything will need to have been already packed. So to be safe, you should really finish packing all of your things at the evening before at the latest. What about those things that you will still need for the last night, the morning before the move, or those that you will need immediately at your new home? Those are the items that you leave for last-minute packing, so don’t worry.
Moving companies always inspect boxes before they load them on the van. They need to be properly locked and be stored in durable, strong boxes. Contact your moving company to receive fresh boxes – they are guaranteed to not only be free from any tears and dampness, but they’re also created using the most recent technology. Things you normally keep in boxes, such as holiday decorations and other items of sentimental value, in garages or attics – those boxes are usually already torn and damp, so they can’t be used. If after packing a box you hear a rattling noise, make sure you add in more insulation – you don’t want anything to be moving around inside a box during the move.


Boxes are the fundamentals of any move. As mentioned earlier, make sure you use professional, high quality boxes that use the latest technology that helps you transport your items in a secure way. But there’s more to cartons than just boxes for all your odd-shaped items, consider a barrel, for example!
But the container itself is just the basis. Other items are incredibly helpful, some even crucial. Make sure you have tons of packing paper, bubble wrap, paper towels, etc. to wrap all your fragile objects. You also need a lot of PVC tape to keep everything sealed and in place. Never underestimate a good broad-tipped marker – those boxes won’t label themselves! Felt tips make the clearest lines – use them to write your name, the designated room, as well as a “this side up” or “fragile” notification where necessary. And of course, as with most things in life, you’ll need a good knife or scissors.


Nothing will ruin your day more than finding out a precious item got broken to bits during your move. This is why it’s so important to wrap your things properly before you put them into cartons. The most standard procedure of securing glass or other objects goes like this: place paper on a flat surface, and wrap your glasses and jars in two or three sheets. Always start from a corner and then fold in the opposite sides along the way as you roll. For odd-shaped items, start in the centre and bring the corners of the sheets together. If you can’t contain it, use more paper! It’s also a good idea to pad out the bottom of your box and fill out any leftover space with something protective like Styrofoam peanuts or folded packing paper. And with that, all your items should be good to go!


    Our specialised team will pack and move you in a quick, effective way. We are also really flexible about changing the moving dates.


    We will help you, so you can rest assured that all your belongings will be packed quickly and effectively as long as you follow your schedule.


    Moving is stressful, these kinds of undertakings always make a mess, which adds to the stress. No one wants to deal with that on their first day at their new home! So, let our cleaning team do the dirty work!  


    See our Moving Timeline which helps you with organising your moving.


    In case you need a place to store your items, we can insure them four weeks. For long periods of time, the insurance is adjusted in relation to the value of the items. We offer amazing quality furniture storage for all your East London clients.


    Managing all your possessions can seem stressful, but that’s nothing that cannot be overcome with some support. We are here to help you with just that.

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